About us

Keep Commerce Human

While we are an online lifestyle platform, the core of our value proposition is essentially human. We believe that this orientation is necessary in order to create meaningful value for both buyers and sellers.

Shopping at Tribe means that you are contributing to the growth of homegrown entrepreneurs. The sellers that maintain their stores on Tribe in turn, have been meticulously selected to ensure that as discerning buyers, you have access to a vast selection of unique, high-quality products and curations unlike anywhere else!

At the same time, we strive to deliver unprecedented value to our sellers as well. From business insights to marketing support, and island-wide delivery; we ensure that our partner-vendors have the best back-end support that will help them achieve optimal visibility, reach, and growth.

Having the best interest of both buyers AND sellers at heart as outlined, ultimately makes Tribe all the more human.

Understanding Our Impact

Our mission to keep commerce human is the guiding principle behind the tangible ways we’re working to make a positive impact on our community, our environment and the global economy.

How tribe Works

Our online market space brings together real people and authentic products. The Tribe platform empowers sellers to realize their passions and provides buyers a fresh and exciting shopping experience.

Sell Unique

Don’t just sell. Sell with sense AND purpose. We help creative entrepreneurs manage, and scale their businesses to extraordinary heights through profitable collaborations; driven by powerful business tools, marketing support, and education.

Buy Unique

Off the shelf, or made-to-order; Tribe offers a range of novel and exciting products that break away from convention. Just when you thought shopping no longer reflected individuality, Tribe brings it back in unbelievable scale.

Shop Securely AND Conveniently

Tribe makes online shopping fun, easy, and secure. With easy-to-navigate interfaces that are highly secure, and return & exchange policies that are never a hassle; Tribe ensures that your experience is one that is always rewarding.