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Greetings World! Welcome to the official Tribe blog! This space is dedicated to providing you more context to what we stand for as a brand; across a variety of topics and themes that we are sure you would find to be interesting, and as much as informative. 

In a nutshell…

First things first; allow us to quickly tell you what we do. Tribe is a lifestyle platform in Sri Lanka for small & medium business owners and creative entrepreneurs; built around the elements of originality, uniqueness, and variety.

We are home to a universe of specialty products; ranging from artisanal food items, to unique handcrafted pieces of clothing, and crafts. The platform ensures a level-playing ecosystem that connects customers to Tribe sellers; anytime, anywhere. 

Our vision and execution is what makes us different

And we can’t say it enough! Tribe exists for one purpose, and one purpose alone; to be a catalyst for homegrown entrepreneurship. Simply put, we are all about creating next-level opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs; taking their brands into new markets and driving business growth.

Why homegrown?

We are aware that there is no effective support system for homegrown businesses in Sri Lanka; resulting in brand owners having to manage every aspect of their venture. Naturally, it just felt right that someone should take the initiative to support local brands in helping them realize maximum potential.


"We believe in the power of homegrown businesses to transform socio-economic landscapes. It is our brand promise to be the drivers and enablers for local brands to thrive; through the creation of a market space like no other…"

The five things that make Tribe the freshest online experience

  1. We offer expansive reach like no one else: Tribe is the first Sri Lankan based e-commerce platform that offers homegrown brands unprecedented reach into new markets and geographies.  
  2. We offer a curated selection of the best local brands: Selected for their quality, uniqueness, and authenticity; we guarantee that what you see featured on our platform is truly the best of local homegrown.
  3. We are strong on the ‘made-by-hand’ promise: Most products we sell have been hand-crafted and as such, showcase a high level of quality; not to mention that they are also infused with a lot of love and care.
  4. We operate on a variety of categories, and the list just keeps on expanding: Tribe has a colorful and exciting portfolio of products. And guess what? We will keep adding more and more; making Tribe the perfect one-stop-shop for all kinds of homegrown awesomeness!  
  5. We believe in building communities: E-commerce is just the start. We are constantly looking at ways to bring value to you in novel ways, and we aim to do this through the creation of communities where buyers, sellers, and Tribe engage in a process of co-creation. Sounds cool, we know! Stick around to be a part of things to come. 

A taste of things to come...

The Tribe offering is one that goes beyond convention. Where once homegrown brands in Sri Lanka were only accessible through their dedicated social media channels and local pop-ups; Tribe now brings all of these exciting brands onto one platform, and from there, to your doorstep.

We have created a marketspace that showcases all kinds of novel movements such as upcycled fashion, wood-crafted homeware, shoelace art, and handmade bath products – just to highlight a few. 

Variety being a focal point in the Tribe value offering, we will be constantly adding new products and categories; even some that will be totally new to the Sri Lankan market! 

The big picture, beyond now

Honestly, we believe that local brands need to band together, as finding sustainability and growth in the present-day world, has become a journey based on collective effort. Tribe is here to spearhead said venture; by creating a market space that would become a melting pot of diversity as presented through products, movements, styles, and ideas.

The eventuality all of us at Tribe are building towards is a collection of unique and authentic brands that we can one day, hopefully; make global.

None of this however, will be possible without the presence and support of an engaged community. In saying that, we invite you to stay tuned-in to our blog space; where we will talk about everything Tribe and more, as related to the value we intend in bringing to you through our brand. #Standwithhomegrown

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