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Gua Sha Massaging Stone

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The name Gua Sha comes from the Chinese word for scraping. A natural, alternative therapy involves scraping your skin with a massage tool to help to stimulate blood circulation, bringing oxygen and blood flow to the upper layer of the skin, promoting healing and recovery of damaged skin. This action causes light bruising and redness, which is normal.

Apart from contouring your face with Gua Sha, this multifaceted tool is also known to reduce inflammation and aches. In traditional Chinese medicine, jade is believed to carry healing energy, bring prosperity and luck.


We love gua sha as it is a powerful skin transformational tool bringing your skin so many benefits

Enhances blood circulation to the cells
Drains lymph fluid (which is often filled with toxins and waste) out of the cells to be cleansed
Reduces wrinkles, prevents sagging skin, and aids in contouring
Aids in eliminating dark circles around the eyes
Helps in lightening dark spots and reducing hyper-pigmentation, Brightens the complexion
Greatly speeds the healing time of breakouts and pimples, helping these skin issues overall
Aids in product penetration
Treats headaches and muscle pain


Apply a facial oil. Then, move the curved side of the gua sha stone in outward and upward motions using light to medium pressure, ensuring the tool is always flat against the skin. Make sure you wiggle & massage with the stone after every stroke. Repeat each stroke a minimum of 5 times.
With the longer edge, start with the back of the neck and stroke it upwards till you reach the bone at the end of your spinal cord.
Move to the sides of your neck and repeat the upward motion till the back of your ears.
Move to the front of the neck. Start from the collarbone till you reach your jaw.
Using the notched side of the stone, move to the right side of your face, start from your chin, and stroke through your jawline till you reach your ear.
Use the long flat side of the stone to move upwards on the cheek. The stone should rub across your cheek. Support your skin on the opposite side with your other hand.
Move with light pressure to the under-eye region and place the notched side of the stone right below the eye (facing upward), close to the top of your nose, and stroke it upwards.
Run the notched edge of the stone along your eyebrow and stroke upward and outward through the end.
Using the flat side of the stone, starting from the eyebrow being covered by the long side of the stone, move upward until you reach the top of the forehead.
Next, use the short flat edge of the stone, start from slightly right of the center of your brows and move upwards until you reach the end.