Level Extreme Hot Sauce

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LKR 530

Artisan naimiris hot sauce/condiment manufactured using in-house secret receipe which arouse your appetite and ignite your tatse buds..Our hot sauces are versatile to use as a; dip, salad dressing, ingredient for cooking, meat marination, bbq sauce or a magical ingredient to turn your boring meal to fiery kick meal.

Size : 250g

Ingredients :
Naimiris, Bellpepper, Tomatoes, Garlic, Onion, Corrinader Leaves, Olive Oil, Vinegar, Brown Sugar and Salt.

Instructions :
Must be stored in refrigerator. Always use dry clean spoon.

Ideal as a BBQ sauce, dipping sauce, cooking ingredient, baking (meat and comfort food), mayo & chilli dip, spicy desserts (e.g. vanilla ice cream & 1/2 tsp of miris sauce) or any artisanal spicy desserts