Tribe empowers home-grown brands and entrepreneurs islandwide
100+ unique sellers
Tribe features over 100 unique sellers, representing a vibrant portfolio of curated products; the first and largest of its kind in Sri Lanka!
Over 3 million potential buyers
Our target market is a vast segment that consists of millions of buyers spread all across the island; now accessible to your brand!
A collaborative economy
As we grow, so does your business. Planned growth will see the platform expanding to new markets by 2020. With your support, we’ll simply get there faster!

3 Easy steps to start selling on Tribe

Register and list your products

Contact us and complete the screening process to get your registration link. Use the link to set up your store on the Tribe platform and list your products along with store policies. Now you’re ready to sell!

Step 01 - Register
Step 02 - Sell

Receive orders and sell across
Sri Lanka

Your reach is no longer restricted to a limited geographical area. Take on islandwide orders and grow your customer base. We will ensure that delivery is taken care of.

Improve profitability and achieve growth

With greater economies-of-scale, your business will be more profitable than ever before! Use this advantage to grow your brand to unprecedented heights. The world is the limit!

Step 03 - Growth


And when we say homegrown, we mean products of all those up & coming brands that are unique and exciting; painstakingly curated by aspiring entrepreneurs. Sell them with us... Tribe was created with you in mind.

Frequently Asked Questions
What fees do I get charged?
It costs nothing to be on Tribe! That’s right, you can open up a store on our platform, list your products, AND be featured; all for free. All you pay is a fixed commission on each sale you make; based on the product category you operate in.
How do I stand out on Tribe?
There's more than one way to make your presence felt on the Tribe platform. Your own store, can be styled to project your brand's unique identity - have great photo and image content that will convince shoppers to purchase YOUR products. Additionally, you can also run promotions and advertise to draw in more traffic. What’s really special is that we ourselves will feature your brand, your story, and even your new products to give you that extra bit of boost and visibility.
How do I create a store on Tribe?
All you need to do is contact us and present your value proposition. We will then help you register and set up your account and dedicated online store front. A comprehensive guide will also be shared on how you need to present your products, and manage your store.
How do I get paid?
All payments are made to a bank account specified by you; on a date and remittance frequency set out in accordance with company policy. All payment related terms and conditions will be clearly explained at the time of registration.