Selling Policy


Selling on Tribe

Fees applicable

Listing your products on Tribe is totally free! However, we will charge a commission of 25% of the value of every order placed on our platform. In addition, certain value-added services may liable to be charged.

Standing out on Tribe

Here are the five key tips that will help you establish an impactful presence:

  1. Sell products that people want (you need to follow trends and react to market insights)

  2. Price right, and deliver great quality for it!

  3. Clear and flattering product images and brand visuals

  4. Detailed and accurate names

  5. Lots of descriptions (size charts, color palettes, textures, etc.)

  6. And more importantly, get your customers to review after every purchase. Nothing works as well as reviews/recommendations to drive conversions!

Creating a store on Tribe

All you need to do is click SELL ON TRIBE and complete the steps outlined to register. Once we confirm your account (which typically would take 3-5 business days), you can upload your products and start selling!

Managing inventory on Tribe

You can warehouse all fast-moving products (that have been uploaded to the site) with us. Alternatively, we could also do regular pickups for SKUs for which orders have been placed. Choose whichever arrangement that works best for YOUR business!

Important to note:

  • Once an inventory of products has been handed over to us, they cannot be returned back to you on a piece-meal / individual basis

  • Only products for which inventory has been accounted for at the warehouse, will be displayed on the site

  • When dropping off inventory at the warehouse address, please bring two copies of your inventory list (list should have product details, product codes, and pricing accurately mentioned). One of the inventory lists will be signed and handed back to you with an acknowledgment of receipt. The second copy will be retained by us for reference.

Getting paid for orders fulfilled

All payments are made to a bank account specified by you, at the end of each month. Payment details are collected during the onboarding process.

Honoring returns and exchange

Here at Tribe, we offer customers a conditional return & exchange benefit, so that their purchases are safeguarded against platform/seller shortcomings such as incorrect tagging, wrong product deliveries, manufacturing defects, specification discrepancies, etc.
However, it should be noted that each return & exchange claim will be evaluated as an individual case and will be accepted only in the event that clear evidence is made available highlighting a platform/seller fault. 
We will ensure that you; as the seller, are not unfairly penalized.

Canceling your Tribe account

In any event, you wish to cease your partnership with Tribe, simply let us know by email. We will promptly deactivate your account and arrange for your inventory to be returned. A pickup will be scheduled after we have made sure that all pending orders under your account have been fulfilled.

Marketing and advertising of brands

While we strive to provide equal visibility and prominence to all our partner brands, marketing, and promotional activities for same will be carried out at our discretion; based on multiple factors such as consumer demand, content availability, ongoing offers, and platform objectives.

Selling on Tribe Retail

Selection of brands and products to be featured at our retail outlet in the One Galle Face Mall will do at our discretion; based on multiple factors such as consumer demand, market trends, brand performance, and space availability.